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Is Meditation for you????

Do you wish to  create your life the way that you want it? Do you want to experience a life where suffering is a choice and Bliss is a reality?

Then meditation is for you.........................

Meditation is a technique used for centuries as a way to still the mind and experience the no mind state where we  become one with God / Cosmos .

In more modern times neuro scientists are also able to observe brain activity in people whilst meditating showing scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation such as :

reduced stress, improved attention, increased empathy,  improved memory,  decreased pain, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, improved relationships, improved health, improved creativity, improved decision making and  improved sense of well being.

Scientific research spanning  50 years into the effects of meditation stress, crime, violence, political decision making and even war indicate that the changes in local and global consciousness are real, measurable, and profound. For example the effect of mass meditation has been shown in studies in Washington DC, and Liverpool England to reduce crime in the local region of the meditators by up to 20%.

Awareness is key

Meditation improves our awareness of ourselves and life which is the foundation to creating and living our lives as we choose and being able to respond to situations rather than react to them.

There are many meditation techniques but for beginners it is good to pick one simple technique and practice it daily. The benefit of meditation can be felt straight away but increases when practiced regularly .

All too often people have the excuse that they have no time to meditate but when you take into account all of the benefits of meditation it will save you time in the long run! In fact there is a saying ; ‘ Everybody should meditate for thirty minutes a day and if you don’t have the time you should meditate for an hour a day !’

Meditation can be with a group or on your own , inside or outside in nature.

Vipassana Meditation Technique

In his first Sutra, Shiva gives this most simple meditation. Buddha used this technique and called it ’Vipassana’ which means sitting with the Self, or sitting with God. Indeed, this method is the essence of Buddhism. No other technique has brought so many millions to enlightenment. When asked if he had to pick one of the millions of meditation techniques, Nithyananda says that this is the one he would choose because if all spiritual knowledge on the planet were lost, this is the one that could keep enlightenment alive.

The secret lies in the simple observance and bringing awareness and presence to the breath.

Choose a place where you won’t get disturbed, where it is neither too hot or cold and ideally a time when you are not too sleepy. Sit with your head, neck and spine in a straight line, ( this can be sitting crossed legged or on a straight backed chair. )

Quiet the mind with long, slow, deep breaths

Bring awareness to the gap just at the end of the in (down) breath, and just before it turns up into the out breath, and again between the out (up) and in (down) breaths.

Allow the breath to carry you into your inner space, the zone where neither breath nor mind exist.

Surrender. Allow yourself to become more and more comfortable with this neutral zone. If you are able to relax into this zone with awareness, an explosion of consciousness can happen.

Be patient. You cannot bully yourself into a sense of security. - In every breath God is knocking at your door.


Swamiji has enriched the world with the powerful meditation process of unclutching . Watch the webinar on Unclutching here Unclutching  forms the foundation for our inner transformation. Unclutching brings the awareness to our lives to free us from the prison of our past, free us from repeating the behaviors we are familiar with.. When we unclutch, each moment becomes fresh, exciting and filled with possibility.

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