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Nithya Spiritual Healing

Nithya Spiritual Healing is a unique, safe and effective technique of healing the body mind -spirit through the energy of Existence. It is a powerful meditation technique and a deep spiritual experience for the healer.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda initiates people world wide into Nithya Spiritual Healing, thus making them channels for the divine energy to flow and heal. Millions of people have been miraculously cured through this healing method.

Here in the UK, Nithya Spiritual Healers regularly attend events and make themselves accessible to provide free healing for individuals and groups.

For more information on healing or becoming a healer please contact us

Nithya Spiritual Healing Video

Healing Testimonials

Hr Ma Prema Sakhi Nithya, Brighton UK , February 2013
And another miracle to share. My cousin husband has cancer in his mouth. The stage of it become very serious, he can not eat by himself and doctors in Polish hospitals said that he just maybe few more weeks to live. The healing request has been sent to Swamiji. Swamiji has blessed him. Since that time miracles start happening. First of all Cousin husband has huge bleeding from his mouth, that time when Polish doctors said that they can not do anything about and they have to wait for his death.

What is strange from the moment of bleeding he start feeling much better and both of them, cousin and person with a cancer Krzysztof they start having deep faith that he is on the way to heal. Then doctors have checked his blood results which one were good, so they were surprised and they need to take another action. They have made operation to remove cancer and currently Krzysztof is after operation, feeling good and improving his heath condition step by step. Thank you Swamiji.

Elina Vasilevska  October 2012 - Just wanted to express my gratitude for the healing that I received at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition!:) It was the best healing I have ever received in my entire life. I felt physical sensations all over my body. The sensations could be compared to taking a warm Love bath. The warmth embraced and circulated throughout my entire body, concentrating on the areas that needed more attention. Although the healing lasted for not more than 10 minutes, it felt like time stopped for a while. True bliss and euphoria!! Highly recommended!! Thank you, Life Bliss. Love & light. xx

Geetha Krisnan, Bangalore - I was a diabetic patient. My disease which I thought was a curse, was in fact a blessing in disguise that was responsible for giving me an opportunity to meet Swamiji. All my family members and I have met Swamiji for different problems, and we have all had improvement after taking healing.

S. Radha, Chennai - I have been suffering from pain in my back in various places, extending to pain in my legs. I used to feel heaviness in different parts of my body. After Nithya Spiritual Healing, my body feels light like cotton. The back pain has vanished. I feel I have got out fresh from deep sleep.