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Four Powers Workshops in Birmingham & London

I really enjoyed the workshop, as it helped me to re-examine my approach towards each of the 4 powers and how I had already been trying to engage them within my life. Sereena provided a warm and welcoming environment within which myself and others could both examine and discuss our thoughts on the goings within our lives and explore approaching these situations through the framework of the 4 powers. I will be recommending the workshop to my friends :) - Arthur Wamala - Birmingham

Fantastic program. Kevin helped me to see inside of me deeper and deeper.
I started accepting others as they are and what they think.
I attended the program with my wife. I can see couple of days she is more open to me. Although she does not say what I want to hear I am happy she says what she really thinks.
I understood again how integrity in our lives is important. Living in integrity helps us live authentic and take responsibility of our lives.
It does for me.
I took full responsibility for everything what happens in my life.
I think program couple be 1-2 hours longer to get all 4 powers better. It could be even all day long from 10am to 10-11pm.- Robert Beigala, London

Inner Awakening - Bali 2013

Luxmi Bhatoolaul - Hertfordshire

Bali's experience was unique.It was like a big Spiritual family holiday ,where Swamiji and his team took good care of all of us,with spirituality,health and individual expansions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Exotic food with papayas,melon,coconuts and coconut water,fresh tandoori rotis, pooris,,varieties of curries,rice and salads. Masala and ordinary teas.Varieties of fresh juices,soups and snacks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The days were long.Starting with yoga at 5.30 am. Pooja  from 7.30am to 8.30am,followed by one hour Satsang.There were breaks for:- breakfasts,tea,lunches,dinners.                                                                                                                         Inner Awakening programs were long full days,from 9.15am to 10pm to 11pm,also included Homas,coach trips to various spiritual places in the company of Swami ji and his team. Boat trip . Eating out.Group works,meditations followed by Darshans from Swamiji.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In Inner Awakening I learnt about creating spaces for possibilities and abundance to happen.To practice the 4 Tatvas of living life which are Integrity,Authenticity,Responsibility and Enriching.The purpose of life and ways of attaining enlightenment ,transformations and expansions in life. Role and responsibility of a sanyas,disciple and Spiritual Guru.The importance of completions with people.Life is extensions of one living existence to the other.Human interactions with cosmic energy,(The Shiva energy).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         When one enriches others life starts happening and lots more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Many thanks to Swami and his team for organizing such a big project into completion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Nithyanandam       

Satsang in Whitechapel

I am to so happy to have made it to Octobers Satsang - the energy was so strong and blissful - It is so nice to be connecting to Swamiji and celebrating life in this way, with song and meditation. I came away feeling rejuvenated and joyful - It was definitely worth the journey from Devon- Many thanks. - Ma Nirvikalpini. Devon

We had a wonderful experience on Saturday of joining the monthly satsang at Whitechapel - what an amazing time we had - Ian enjoyed it and wants to go each month now and for me, the most enriching aspect was to chant with others. I love love love to chant and usually walk the woods with my headphones in and the time just disappears. To be with others was profound. - Jeanie - Kent, UK

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Four Powers Workshops -  August, September and October 2013

Nithyanandam Meditation Academy volunteers have been sharing Swamiji's teachings through a free workshop . Here is what some of the participants had to say about the workshop. Please  register your interest if you are interested in participating in future workshops. Currently available in Birmingham, Devon, Hertfordshire, London, Newcastle and Warrington.


Lindsay, Devon - Most informative - so clearly explained, very interesting and a good    environment to practice meditation.

Dan, Devon
Thought producing and interesting workshop, giving a fresh perspective on everyday issues. It has made me want to find out more.

Sarah, Cornwall -  Very awareness raising, good teacher, good direction

Micheal, Hertfordshire, retired. - Really interesting, better than I thought, well planned, loads to think about.

Lizzie, Hertfordshire, Primary teacher - A great workshop, very empowering all based around helping ourselves in real life, practical, realistic, helpful empowering, like minded people, comfortable, real - help techniques. Thank you so much so very kind of you to do this.

Sherrie, Northampton, Secondary school history and art teacher.- Thank you so very much for a wonderful Sunday on the Tattvas. A very warm & welcome home with very kind people sharing ideas on living and looking forward to the next gathering. Great food thanks a lot.

Stephen, Hertfordshire Interfaith community volunteer and retired secondary school religious education teacher - Wanted to come & glad I did it! Thanks for inviting me I appreciate it. I gained a lot. I will try to put these teachings into practice. As I'm into spiritual things I'd be happy to learn lots of what you called the 'metaphysical aspects' - so please keep me posted?! Thanks a lot!


  Classes held in Devon & Leeds

Mohsen Ghofroni, Leeds - Very interesting.

Minka Kishneva , Leeds -Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That's the way to make the world a better place :)

Sarah, Warrington -Very thought provoking, very interesting, inspiring. 

Roshni, Liverpool
Just doing the tattvas session. revised, cleared up and has helped me so much. I have really  benefited from Judith’s explanations, elaborations, and feel more confident   about the 4 truths. -

Ray Abbot, Devon - Very good, uplifting, has made me aware more of actually being positive towards people and to be able to enrich their lives more and taking Responsibilities for my own life and being more responsible around friends and family.

Samuel Grantham, Devon- Very good. A way that I have not looked at myself. Gives me a clearer understanding with the way questions were asked. It was certainly good for making me think. I feel more conscious already. I will start enriching lives of others now the lesson has made me think of ways to do so. I am going to work on being Authentic more.

Georgia Coates, Devon - Found it really interesting, got a lot out of it and feel determined to take it into my own life.

Jill Walters, Devon - This course was most interesting and helpful. It gave me a more positive outlook for enriching my life.

Piero Cappelloni, Devon - Great program even though I have done it before I found it very useful , practical and helps me to keep living these four truths.

Inner Awakening, level one - August & September 2013

The 21 day retreat, Inner Awakening is now available as three levels. The first two levels can be done in the UK. Below is some of the comments from participants who attended the first & second levels. To find out more about all three levels click here

                                           Participants during August Inner Awakening level 1,  held in Brighton.

Luxmi Bhatoolaul, UK - Enjoyed thoroughly, warm welcome, very nice & healthy food, very helpful, very friendly atmosphere, a pleasure to experience IA programs and sessions, loving family atmosphere.

Jeanie Grigor, UK -
Transforming, absolutely unbelievable course, words cannot describe how I feel in just 4 days . Everybody on the course was open warm and I felt we immediately knew each other. My life will never be the same. Thank you all so much . I owe everything to Swamiji , my life .

Vikesh Bhatoolaul,UK - 
I started as a sceptical man. I have meditated but never really felt anything. In this program I felt a lot of energy and vibrations and feel like I'm ready to do anything, the world is my oyster now; all you can eat, my third eye is also very active and I feel more than a normal human. PS you must fully engage and listen, free you mind, open your mind.

Anna Leporace, Italy - Thanks to this course I understood in a better way not only the meaning but especially the importance of learning our root patterns. I think everybody should know this truth.

Sarah Jordan, UK - The  new Inner Awakening is a whole leap forwards in terms of reaching to the core of clearing out past patterns. I wish everyone on the planet has the opportunity to experience this amazing, fun, totally beneficial 4 days of your life, with a life time of change. Healing past incompletion is the essence of a blissful life.

Roshni Bhatoolaul, UK - Price - is worth the course & content & experience. Incredible generosity of facilities. Lecture structure - mixture of independent tasks set by Swami & print outs - New course of it's kind! And group tasks, self discovery exercises. - Excellent technology and resources.Hospitality - extremely attentive, caring, considerate, generous & kind. Food & facilities provided. Extremely well looked after settling in.

Ma Prema Sakhi, London - I really work on myself. I get all I wanted and I was able to work on all areas of my life I planned.
The program was very intensive and brought me to the space I really want to be.
Thank you very much for serving me, and allowing me to live my own life.

Flor J, UK -   I found the course very informing, amusing and joyful.
I would like to send my gratitude to all involved back in Bidadi also in UK for their efforts. I will have no hesitation to recommend it to as many people as i can.

General Feedback

Rehila Hamid, UK - Before doing Swamiji's course, I was an unhappy an person, angry, bouts of alone and loneliness, had the roots of self rejection and victim hood. With Swamiji's teachings I have learnt and developed so much personally and professionally, the relationship with myself and others has improved and is improving! The 4 principles have opened my eyes and I am being honest with myself inside and out and most of all, aligning myself.Most of all I have come to terms with the roots of rejection and victim hood the memories that relate to this have faded and regular in constant awareness.

Nithya Kriya, LBP2 - two day programme, November 2012.

Surjit Chag, Kent,  UK – So far the program has been superb. I feel already as though like I have cleared things up with myself. I found the death meditation very powerful yesterday and also the pain meditation this morning has been very good bringing things up that I had not realised affect me from childhood that I need to let go of. This is a beautiful experience and I am so grateful to be here. Thank you to Swamiji for allowing this opportunity.I would recommend LBP2 to everyone. It's a total cleansing experience that leave you felling like you've journeyed back in your life and undone knots that you didn't even realise were affecting you today. Most of all the love and support of the 'family' and Swamiji's presence is so moving that, that alone is life transforming. I am grateful for this experience.

 Thank you.

Marta, London, UK – The program is amazing the power energy of Nithyananda is super strong. I feel blessed to be in his presence and it is still very powerful even through conference connection. I did learn and realised a lot. Very helpful and recommended to anyone who want to live peaceful and happy life. Blessings M.

Aang Aakka, London, UK – the processes used in this workshop are very powerful. I have been working with issues in my life that I found very limiting & was under the impression that I had already resolved them. I was surprised to see that there was more depth to them and memories that I seemingly forgotten has come up to the surface again. These processes have given me great clarity on who I thought I was as it has showed me the perspective that I was looking from. I wish to give my love and gratitude to all that made this event possible. Thanks and cosmic hugs to Dheera & Sat Roopini for allowing and giving me a chance to experience this workshop. Love and blessings, Aang.

Rehila Hamid, London, UK - the programme has been very beneficial to me. I have released lots of blocked emotions, reliving the process, it's a good way of letting go. The meditations are a good way to reflect on your life. I enjoyed the darkness one. Food was nice.

Radoslav , Sofia, Bulgaria - For me everything was OK. The place, the food, the people was much more than necessary. The event was prepared with a lot of attention and care. I felt loving atmosphere and attitude . All their best efforts for us to be able to experience the unclutched space and to have best benefit. So I really don't have any recommendations for the organisers. Really for me this event was perfect in all aspects. I will keep my spiritual experiences non verbalized. With gratitude and love. Radoslav.

Dhiren , Essex, UK - A transformational weekend. So glad I made time to take part and very lucky indeed to be blessed with Swamiji.

Sri Ananda Prema Sakhi , London UK- It was already 3rd program conducted by Swamiji that I have attended, but it was still as intense as ever and even more so than other programs. I have experienced ever expanding transformational process, that bought me deeper awareness of my negative patterns and the healing that comes with it - sense of liberation lightness, joy, fearlessness to count a few. I have physically experienced kundalini energy vibrations in my body, deep meditative states I had not experienced before, sense of well being and peace.

Roger Street, UK - A really amazing 4 days. I had very little idea of what to expect so I came, ( I hope ) , with an open mind was really blown away by the information, the energy, and the total commitment of the volunteers. I've spent time with many teachers , masters and avatars but have never found anything more practical to help evolve in a spiritual sense.

Appiah Sackey, Enfield , UK - I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to do the programme. I feel it has been amazingly cathartic and healing for me. I feel unburdened and lighter. I thank Swamiji for his love and blessings. Big love, Appiah.

Shyam, London UK - A very transforming programme. The programme was very well run. Well done London Sangha. Thanks.

Anita, Zadar, Croatia - These 3 days were the most amazing ones I've ever had!!! I had kundalini experience and I relieved a lot of fears, guilt and feel reborn after the progam. My next program will be IA definitely. Thank you Swamiji!

Sean Sharkey, Donegal, Ireland - The most wonderful weekend, very enriching and trans-formative. Thank you Swamiji for all and everything . Love Mahaan.

Chris Wood, Thetford, UK - Amazing. After a life time of suffering and torment, I now feel inner peace and moments of bliss. This is priceless.


Manifest Your Reality - one day programme, November 2012

Perttu Koppinen, Tampere, Finland – this was my first time attending a course very interesting & intense! I was a little nervous at first but the fear subsided. Nice food and nice people thank you !

Chris Wood, Thetford, UK – Amazing sense of bliss and physical feeling of flowing energy all over my body.

Narayanata Nair , London UK –
Wonderful experience energy was so high plenty to take home. Thank you may God bless you all.

Anita Kamysz, London –
Amazing time and experience.

Karolina Kmiec, London – very special energy flow, awareness so much higher and I’m very grateful. XX

Monica Purcell, London UK – It was a truly amazing day. Much more than I was expecting. I came with an open mind but still a great skeptic. I’m happy to say I now have a very open mind regarding mystic world. Thoroughly enjoyed my day. The quality of the food was excellent and abundant.

Christina , Croatia – It was very extraordinary to be on this program . I’m really enjoy it.

Anita Poljak, Zadar, Croatia – It was an extraordinary experience seeing people get healed and jump around. I was blown away with the force, the energy that came true. I’m looking forward to tomorrows program.

Starcic Narija , Opatija, Croatia – Thank you Swamiji! I have a new eyes, literally and physically. You took away that pattern which caused a fog in my eyes and anya chakra. Thank you Kalabhairava and thank you consciousness. Love.

Swami Mahaan, Ireland London -  Spent a wonderful day here in the presence of a living incarnation, master experienced lots of light and love.  Thank you for this wonderful experience Namaha Shiva.

Roger Street, London UK - Today I saw and experienced things I've only read in books. Everything I could possibly want or need was being shown to me, but at the same time my mind wanted to run a hundred miles to get away - back to my comfort zone  - a boring everday life. On the way home I saw the pattern I'm holding - spiritual window shopping, looking but not buying . With Swamij's grace perhaps I can overcome my fears.


The Year of Awakening Free Talk November, 2012

Nick Nair , Slough UK. – I found the talk good. It was comforting to hear that we can create the future beyond 2012.

Judith Griffiths, Warrington UK – after the whole thing I feel elated

Mellisa , London UK – The message was very profound and is going to prove to be a great strength. Throughout the breathing techniques and meditation I felt a great sense of relief, clarity and an immense feeling of being centred with a clear direction and amazing things to come.

Roger, Croydon , UK – The talk was very interesting . His energy was beautiful and so natural.  You  can tell he is truly himself and truly natural. I felt a lot of kundalini energy through the meditation.
Shama,London- A great opportunity for everyone to come out of the illusion of materialism. Great opportunity for awakening . The meditation was very fine.

Jay Koby , Ilford , London -  The meditation was peaceful . It has left me wanting to learn more.

Chris Wood , Norfolk , UK -  I enjoyed the meditation . I am a little it nervous and excited about the weekend programs.

Mark , Thailand – This was the first time I have met Swamiji. I was glad I came. I really liked his simple clear message. It resonated with me. I felt the energy in the room even before he came on. The meditation was great although I found the music distracting.

Bob McGechan, East Ham , London. -  I have been watching Swamiji for 2 or 3 years now and I found this very enlightening from the point of view of being with other people and how He answers the various questions put to Him. I am looking forward to the various workshops this weekend. I like the way that the concepts are broken down into basic components. Meditation helps me in my daily work as a construction project manager.

Healing Testimonials

Hr Ma Prema Sakhi Nithya
Hr Ma Prema Sakhi Nithya, Brighton UK , February 2013- And another miracle to share. My cousin husband has cancer in his mouth. The stage of it become very serious, he can not eat by himself and doctors in Polish hospitals said that he just maybe few more weeks to live. The healing request has been sent to Swamiji. Swamiji has blessed him. Since that time miracles start happening. First of all Cousin husband has huge bleeding from his mouth, that time when Polish doctors said that they can not do anything about and they have to wait for his death.

What is strange from the moment of bleeding he start feeling much better and both of them, cousin and person with a cancer Krzysztof they start having deep faith that he is on the way to heal. Then doctors have checked his blood results which one were good, so they were surprised and they need to take another action. They have made operation to remove cancer and currently Krzysztof is after operation, feeling good and improving his heath condition step by step. Thank you Swamiji.

                                                   13th January 2014 update -

Continuation of healing story.

My cousin's husband died finally. I went recently to Poland and I met my cousin and I had asked her how does she feels and how is she about healing. What was her expectation and what happened.
She shared with me that Krzysztof was blessed and had opportunity to die at home surrounded by his family.My cousin said that healing happened anyway.
Krzysztof's mother was very manipulative mother. She always made him guilty and ashamed of this who was he and what he does. He did not have a chance to have an independent live. He was always as a slave to his own mother!
So before he died he had chance to have conversation with his mother to tell her about what he feels and how he was living life from his perspective. He had a chance to complete with his mother.
The healing process did not have the effect that mainstream society would expect.   The healing that happened in Krzysztof was to experience completion before he died.

Sarah Jordan, Thurlestone, Devon - March 2013 - I had suffered from continued back pain throughout twenty years starting as a teenager. I had been to doctors, chiropractors, back experts and had physiotherapy and Bowen therapy. But time after time the pain would come back sharper and more acute. From being an outgoing, athletic teenager to an introverted recluse with depression and panic attacks. Nothing seemed to help until I had Nithya Spiritual healing which to my surprise and utter delight not only did the pain go but my confidence and happiness returned and I was mentally healed and physically healed. Now I just have the occasional top up. Now life is bliss.

Elina Vasilevska  October 2012 - Just wanted to express my gratitude for the healing that I received at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition!:) It was the best healing I have ever received in my entire life. I felt physical sensations all over my body. The sensations could be compared to taking a warm Love bath. The warmth embraced and circulated throughout my entire body, concentrating on the areas that needed more attention. Although the healing lasted for not more than 10 minutes, it felt like time stopped for a while. True bliss and euphoria!! Highly recommended!! Thank you, Life Bliss. Love & light. xx

Geetha Krisnan, Bangalore - I was a diabetic patient. My disease which I thought was a curse, was in fact a blessing in disguise that was responsible for giving me an opportunity to meet Swamiji. All my family members and I have met Swamiji for different problems, and we have all had improvement after taking healing.

S. Radha, Chennai - I have been suffering from pain in my back in various places, extending to pain in my legs. I used to feel heaviness in different parts of my body. After Nithya Spiritual Healing, my body feels light like cotton. The back pain has vanished. I feel I have got out fresh from deep sleep.

  Nirahara Samyama Testimonials

Ma Atmadayaki, London UK
I noticed I felt really light and I had more time to focus on the work at hand. Also a lot of my really unhealthy patterns were associated with food habits. I saw them being broken one by one. Example: I used to eat to suppress emotions and I found myself facing the emotion rather than wanting to eat during the samyama.

Also I realised I actually did not recognise hunger signals as I was used to eating because it was time to eat not because my body required food.

I found myself feeling happy and light.

Ma Sarvika, London UK
when i first heard about the nirahara samyama... i was very clear it NOT for me..because food has been my companion ...during moments of joy or sadness one companion that stood by me as i went through the moment was was food!!!
Eventually when i heard my friends share their experiences and the miraculous shifts that happened in them, i was absolutely astounded!!!! 
This had me participate in the process...with the intention of allowing my body to avail the opportunity to explore and experience the deeper truths and possibilities about itself...... 
To my utter surprise, i actually went through the complete process of Nirahara Samyama!!! Remained ALIVE AND ACTIVE without taking in solid food for 20 days!! Experienced very high, intense Energy unfathomable amount of energy exploding from within..Raising my awareness and ability to stay focused to a whole new level.... ABSOLUTELY NO HUNGER PANGS!!! NO DESIRE TO EAT!!!! Total freedom from the pattern of 'looking for a  reason to eat'!!  WOW!!! 
Thank you Swami for making each of these profound experiences available and REAL for each one of us... Sharing it with us and guiding us in a way that appears to be so simple to accomplish!! Giving us an opportunity to explore the various deeper dimensions about our selves..... in nithyananda..Nithya Sarvika,,

Eva Halasi Manchester, UK
Nirahara Samyama was like an inner journey into my mind and patterns for me. It was a challenge for my mind not for my body. The body was fine. I felt energetic and more I pushed my body the more energy I had. I felt good, I felt light. I learned about my mind a great deal.The body was not starving during the samyama, only the mind felt deprived of food. The 3 levels of the samyama felt like making a progress while observing and experiencing my subtle abilities and inner power by allowing the power of the Cosmos to work through me. 
After completing the samyama I can say that my blood sugar became stable and my body doesn't seem to require my usual supplements. There is no more fear in me that if I do not eat then I will have no energy. My body and my mind know by experience now that there is sufficient energy available without food, as well. This inner knowing gives a certain peace within. Amazing experience!! I am looking forward to the 'The Samyama' in December. Thank You so much Swamiji!! :)'

Ma Nirvikalpini Devon, UK: The Nirahara Samyama was an amazing experience and insight into my body and how it ACTUALLY works not how i THINK it works. Also i  became acutely aware of how my mind  desires food for a myriad of reasons that are nothing to do with my body actually NEEDING it. Examples include : i eat because i am bored tired, feeling unloved, need a break and because i am programmed to eat at certain times. i also discovered that i was using food to suppress emotions . During the Samyama i had to sit with and work through emotional sticky points whereas before i would have just eaten to suppress the feelings and distract myself! Prior to this Samyama i  have attempted 2 day fasts and ended up lying on my bed with no energy and a headache! Thanks to Swamiji i was able to continue my physical work as a gardener with more stamina and energy than usual. :) .One more thing that i feel the Samyama developed in me was the ability to be more present in the here & now. On reflection i feel this is because usually my mind wanders to my next meal. As there was to be no next meal my mind had more of a tendency to stay in the present. Gratitude once again to beloved Swamiji for showering these wonderful gifts on us