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Simple keys for blissful living 2 - Bliss attracts fortune!

posted 13 Mar 2013, 20:05 by Sri Nithya Atmeshwaran   [ updated 4 Aug 2013, 09:13 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya ]

Can you get rich by being happy?

Yes! It is possible.

Our thoughts and energy flow have the capacity to create and attract incidents and people of the same nature into our lives. Our thoughts and energy directly affect our body, our cell structure, our decisions, our capacity to carry out those decisions, the incidents in the outer world, even the accidents that happen in our lives!

Most of the time, our actions are prompted by either the desire to gain something, or the fear of losing something. When we function out of greed or fear, we create a negative mental set-up and corrupt our energy flow. Naturally, this is going to reflect in the results of our actions.

If we can change our mental set-up to one of bliss or ananda, we will be brimming with energy and clarity.

We will experience a deep connection with the energy of all of Existence. A clear, integrated intention, has the power to change even the outer-world incidents of your life. Your inner bliss has the capacity to attract outer-world fortune. When your mental set-up is driven by inspiration and joy, you automatically attract all good things to yourself.