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Journey of Miracles

posted 16 Sep 2013, 07:45 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya   [ updated 16 Sep 2013, 12:57 ]

One of Swamiji's devotees and Nithyananda Meditation Academy trustee, Thuvesa Kevin Padayachi shares his incredible experience of enriching and being enriched in the UK and South Africa. Regular monthly Satsangs are held at the London Temple and  to have Darshan of Maha Kaala Bhairavan at any other time please contact us.

During the Dec IA 2012, Swamiji after many months of contemplation and consideration gave London their spiritual name - London Kashi.

 -  A bit about Kashi, it is now known as Varanasi, the holiest city in all of India with its multitude of temples and majestic scenery of water, breathtaking sunrises and orange sky'ed sunsets,  always radiating and echoeing the sounds of mantras, pujas and prayer bells.  -

Swamiji not only delivered the auspicious name, in his grand style he also offered the very powerful Maha Kala Bhairava Maala adorned with Rudraksh and skull type figures.

He said, ' take this... it will create miracles and healing wherever it is needed.'  And that is the start of my journey, the journey of miracles...
Since bringing the Maala back to London, many people have come for the blessings (darshan) of Maha Kaala Bhairavan. People have been saved from actual attempts at suicide, freed from the anguish and pain caused by Cancer, freed people from serious financial difficulty, accidents and many more. I now wish I did keep a diary to remind me of the wonders.

During Easter 2013, I felt a strong urge to talk Maha Kaala Bhairavan to South Africa, my country of birth. I decided for the first time to use this trip only to serve the poor, sick, needy and anyone who was not happy. Well, needless to say, I was busy to such points where I had not slept for 36-40 hours at times, going from town to town allowing Swamiji to use me as an instrument of his healing and miracles. This caused a huge wave of curiosity, spiritual yearning and most importantly a thirst for more... more knowledge, more spirituality and more methods to live better lives. Never, have I experienced such shifts in others and myself. I was bursting with energy, unconditional LOVE, wisdom beyond my age and healing that was delivered at the right time, frequency and quantity to bring about hope to a nation ridden with crime and fear.
I yearn for my next visit which I know will be more explosive than the last. People contact me almost daily asking when Swamiji himself or the Maala will be coming to bless their sacred land, South Africa and heal it so that every man, woman and child can live in Bliss.