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posted 1 Dec 2013, 15:30 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya   [ updated 1 Dec 2013, 15:48 ]

Materialisation in Hertfordshire

UK devotee, Roshni writes about the materialisation of Kumkum, ( processed turmeric powder) on the Sri Ganesha Deity,  on the 5th of November in Hertfordshire


The night after all participants from the level one Inner Awakening program  had left, in the early hours of the morning, immediately after Puja, Ma Atmadayaki was cleaning up her puja tray and deities as usual.. but something unusual caught her attention. "Has anyone spilt kumkum powder around...?" she asked as she held and peered at the Ganesha deity...and searched the floor of the livingroom.
Defensively I replied,   "No, I put some on before puja and was very careful with the lid and not to make mess." (I knew my conscience was clear!)       
 She continued to peer at the deity from all angles, inspecting it like a crime investigation scene and said,"Well there's Kumkum on Ganesha."
 We both  immediately looked at my mum: "Muuum?!"   "Ma Luxmi?!...Did you spill kumkum powder on Ganesha or around anywhere?!" 
Mum entered the room & replied to protest her innocence, "No I haven't touched Kumkum today but me and Lizzie did hold him yesterday and I did put my forehead against his feet.."
"No Ma..." Ma Atmadayaki replied, "The Kumkum hasn't been  smudged on Ganesha it has appeared on Ganesha. It hasn't been sprinkled, nor is it smudged, only the bottom part where Roshni  pressed the flowers up against him during Puja this morning and we did Abishakem (bathing and pouring water devotionally onto the deities in big tub of water) after you and Liz held him, so he was totally clean.I would have noticed if he had kumkum on him. He didn't have any on him before or during  the puja."
We all inspected the deity and the room scrupulously & wide-eyed.   "Not sprinkled....not traces of haphazard falling...specific round balls in specific locations... one little ball by his right foot,  one exactly in the centre of his navel one on the centre of his trunk and tons just below his feet...hmmmm"
Mum's eyes widened:  " I did invite him to dance with us in my mind, within my heart during Darshan when we were all merrymaking."
Then a flash back of Swamiji's voice echoed in my memory from the previous Inner Awakening program;  "I'll make materialisation happen in all cities!".
Ma Atmadayaki  calmly said... : "yes I heard Swamiji also say that I have a strong feeling this could be materialisation."

Ma Atmadayaki immediately took forensic evidence through her camera phone and sent the photos and an email to the Ashram  for confirmation whether it was materialisation or not.
A few days later, early morning, as I stumbled down the stairs blurry-eyed, mum passed me the phone eagerly it was Ma Atmadayaki.  Ma, Bidadi  have got back to me and Swamiji himself has confirmed  it was materialisation. He made it happen"

 There really wasn't much more to say. Seeing is Believing!!  Immediately I was humbled by the entire happening, I'd always wanted something like this to happen and finally, it had.  I then shrieked in excitement and jumped around: "I can't believe it! Oh my god!" 
My  faith in my guru and his identity was growing ever clearer and stronger. I wish more people had been around to see it happen but this is an experience one must live for themselves.
Materialisation does happen.  Some call it miracles, Swamiji says materialisation is just a science of energy.
This is just again, another example of the enchantment of life,  of the reality of Swamiji's teachings of the science of kundalini, the self and energy and of course of the power and sincerity of Swamiji Nithyananda.


Benefits of Materialisation