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Positive Message Flash Mob - London

posted 14 Mar 2013, 17:15 by Sri Nithya Atmeshwaran   [ updated 4 Aug 2013, 09:08 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya ]
Wake up London organises these wonderful meet up opportunities to spread positive vibes. There is meditation and also spreading of positive messages/notes as part of the evening. So a few of us decided to go and participate for the evening. We needed a positive message which we were to hold in our hands and display it for people to read as they walked past.

The meeting started at 6.30pm on Tuesday the 28th August. We decided to meet at the steps of the National Portrait gallery to make the boards with the positive messages. We had so much fun making them. We then walked up to the spot we were meant to meet the rest of the group to start the evening. We looked around and started to see if we could spot people with boards in their hands like us. Soon enough one by one people started gathering and we all introduced ourselves, read each other messages and appreciated the creativity that was flowing.

The evening started with a short meditation and then we walked around holding our boards in front of us. We were to mingle and notice what happened. As a group we had prepared positive messages by Swamiji to hand out to everyone. So the five of us had cards with positive messages to hand out as well as boards to hold in our hands. It was an amazing experience. The energy got more and more friendly as the time passed. A group of Japanese performers came to display their musical talents and the atmosphere became a festive one. Passers by stopped by and took photographs of all of us and at one point there was bigger group of photographers than there were meditators.

After the highlights we decided to bring the eve to a close with another short meditation. The scent of insence speread as we got deeper into the meditation and a small light in the middle of the meditation circle kept us linked to our centre. After a few minutes we very gently completed, each one thanked the others and we finished for the evening.