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Simple keys for blissful living 3 - You are a miracle of Existence!

posted 14 Mar 2013, 16:56 by Sri Nithya Atmeshwaran   [ updated 4 Aug 2013, 09:12 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya ]

Connect to the Whole

In Existence, there is nothing such as a separate, individual identity!

Even if we don’t always experience this in our everyday life, we are all intimately connected at the deepest level.

As we work with deeper and deeper layers of ourselves, we begin to see this truth. At the level of the physical body, each individual is distinctly separate. For example, if you eat a fruit, only you enjoy the fruit; even a person sitting right next to you cannot taste it.

When you move to a subtler layer like breath, you find that the same air moves in and out of everyone’s body; many people can share the fragrance of the same flower.

At the level of the mind, you may think you are separate, but we are all constantly relaying and receiving thought signals without our awareness! Our emotions also affect one another without our having to say a word. As we go deeper, we find that we are increasingly connected by the collective consciousness. At the deepest level of the being, we are all just part of the one Whole.

All the suffering you experience, whether it is physical pain or mental suffering or spiritual bondage, is born only out of the idea of being a separate being. Once you become aware that you are part of the collective consciousness and there is no one standing against you, you experience a deep relaxation and liberation.