Knowing the child is a beautiful space to be and we as parents need to move into their space rather than try to move the child into ours.  The cost of moving the child into our domain is too high a price that we make our children pay throughout their lives.  It shifts our desires and dislikes on them causing infinite loops of conditioning.  On the contrary, parenting is all about the unconditional connection between the child and the parent.  The purpose being the ability to see freedom in the eyes of the child.  Creating these dynamic possibilities is parenting.

Enlightening Parenting is about bringing up the new age man who can take the civilisation to an entirely different plane. 

The child needs to understand how to use his innate potential to harness the world of possibilities that is available to them.  Giving them the vaccine for pain, guilt, fear, anger, frustration, greed, etc, will make them invincible to any disturbance in their inner space.  Guiding them with the right understanding and loving them is all a parent must do instead of getting over-protective and pushing the unfulfilled desires of the parents on the children.

Parents assume that by giving more attention, children will grow up to be better, stronger, safer and intelligent.  What they fail to understand is, unless the child is given the freedom of choice, the child’s possibilities of flowering is completely shut down.  Children grow up and behave in a way their parents behaved with them when they were young.  The child has learnt to be a parent to their parents after they have grown up.  Parents need to understand they will only reap what they sow.