Nirahara Samyama

Living Without Food

“If fish can swim, we can swim; if bird can fly, we can fly;and if plants can make food directly from the air and Sun rays, our body can also do that.  Every extraordinary capability and possibility is inside our bio-memory.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Vedic tradition equips us with different kinds of techniques to realise possibilities within us.  This includes meditation and yoga techniques, initiations and more.  One of such many techniques is called ‘Samyama.’  Samyama means exploring and discovering your various possibilities and powers being centreed on a certain technique or spiritual process.

Nirahara SamyamaSM means exploring the body’s possibility without having any external input like food or water.  The purpose of the Samyama is to awaken the natural intelligence of making food out of natural resources like Sun rays, air and the prana (or life energy) which is directly available from space.

Every human being associates their fears, greed, attention need and idea of love to food.  All patterns associated with love and attention need are connected with food.  Therefore, food becomes a very emotional component of life.  Now when one is liberated from food, the associated emotional patterns are also eliminated.

Nirahara SamyamaSM includes three techniques:           

(1) Ajapa Japa or continuous meditative chanting,

(2) Mahābhāva or feeling connection, And

(3) Sahaja Samadhi or Unclutching.


Ajapa Japa is the process of continuous chanting of the Guru mantra (the sacred chants of the Guru).  Japa is the sound that comes the navel through the throat and the tongue.  It is a continuous linear movement of air that is getting converted to sound.

In Ajapa Japa, the Guru Mantra ‘Auṁ Hreem Nithyanandāya Namaḥ’ mantra is repeated constantly with the visualisation of the mantra moving in circular direction around the throat.  Ajapa Japa is one of the straightforward ways to maintain heightened levels of awareness, which also awakens the Kundalini Shakti.  Next, feeling connection is achieved by meditating on the Ananda Gandha Chakra, the subtle energy centre that is located between the heart energy centre (Anahata Chakra) and navel energy centre (Manipuraka Chakra).  Ananda Gandha is the direct doorway to the Guru or Master.  Finally, unclutching is the process of being an observer of all thoughts that arise in oneself.  The thoughts are neither encouraged nor suppressed; they are witnessed continuously.

Nirahara SamyamaSM includes all the above mentioned three techniques.

In addition, the most important part is the initiation by the Guru or the Master, which awakens the bio-memory to its innate state.  This innate state is not affected by either the presence or absence of food.  The initiation when combined with the three techniques help to tap the innate energy within us in the absence of physical food.