Manifesting Powers (Sakthis)


Low and powerless inner image is the result of forgetting the original state of Sadashivatva – the space of being Sadashiva.  Paramahamsa Nithyananda affirms that the only way this state can be remembered again and again is when the powers of Sadashiva are manifested.  Only when the powers are manifested; the low inner image gets transformed to the powerful space of Sadashiva.  Sadashiva is the source and the one who can manifest and play with powers.  Being in Oneness with Sadashiva facilitates the manifestation of these powers.

“Manifesting powers every day in your day to day life will change your opinion about you.  And the beauty of Sadashivatva is when you change as you want, the outer, even the inner [world] whatever need to be changed will be awakened, and you’ll go through a change.  Your identity about you will change.”

In the Vedic Times, the Rishis, Yogis and the Enlightened Ones lived enlightenment with extraordinary powers tuned to their normal everyday living.  They lived with the awakened Third Eye, which is consciously seeing the Reality as it is – beyond the limited perceptions of the mind, senses and emotions.


What is the Third Eye?

Third Eye is the ultimate power which is latent in every human being.  It is a possibility in every person.  Third Eye is not just an eye; it is the very source of Consciousness.

The Third Eye is an intra-organ, beyond the cell membranes of any physical structure within the body, existing and operating with the highest frequency at the brow centre.  It is the gateway to understand people, the atmosphere of the Earth, the gigantic planets in orbit and even the Universe itself.  It transforms every aspect of the Cosmos from a far-away object to a tangible, graspable subject within everyone.  

Third Eye is nothing but conscious seeing.  Third Eye AwakeningSM awakens the non-mechanical parts of the brain, helping the person to experience extraordinary powers like telepathy, materialisation, teleportation, and many other extraordinary powers.  Third Eye AwakeningSM is the beginning of experiencing the powers of Sadashiva.  It is the door to the Cosmos.

Anything can be received through the Third Eye.  Similarly, any command can be sent to the Cosmos through the Third Eye.  Anything sent through the Third Eye to the Cosmos is immediately experienced!

The concept of Third Eye is the unique contribution of the Vedic tradition.  Third Eye AwakeningSM can make someone experience Sadashiva immediately.


Kundalini AwakeningSM, Rise of Inner Potential Energy

Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the secrets of Kundalini, the largest untapped natural energy source on the planet!  This dormant energy stored in every living being, once awakened, allows us to access the untapped regions of the brain, manifesting its potential in miraculous powers and heightened intelligence.  Any growth in any field, on any level – whether it is ordinary physical health and wealth or extraordinary inner richness and powers – is only possible due to this higher potential energy. This extraordinary inner potential energy, bio-energy, which is available in the being in the form of potential is what is called as Kundalini Shakti.

In Sanskrit, ‘Kunda’ refers to the concave cavity in which the brain, resembling a coiled and sleeping serpent, nestles. The word ‘kundalini’ refers to the Shakti or power when it is in its dormant potential state. And when it is awakened, man enjoys divinity, the actual communion between the two great forces within all beings, communion between Shiva and Shakti.

Since time immemorial, human beings have suspected that they have more energy and intelligence than they are able to realize and express in their day to day life, more than what their parents have taught them and what the society at large has led them to believe. It is their belief in a higher potential that is at the root of all seeking and all creativity. There are some rare beings who express their higher energy and intelligence in its purest form as spiritual energy to enrich others – they are the Enlightened beings of the world like Buddha, Mahavira, and Sri Krishna.

Life, the very perception and response to it becomes totally different when Kundalini Shakti is awakened. Once activated through initiation by an Enlightened Master, this Kundalini Shakti leads to extraordinary experiences and enlightened lifestyle.

“When you awaken your Kundalini energy with the right knowledge, right context, right understanding and the right technique, right process, it can give you anything you want!

leadership to you, space of Enlightenment

itself to you! Kundalini is Kalpataru; it gives

anything you want, and the space of not

wanting anything!”



Power Manifestations – Demonstrations


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Download your free copy of Manifesting Shaktis