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2 Day Meditation Workshop

posted 5 Nov 2013, 20:54 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya   [ updated 11 Nov 2013, 01:25 ]

Nithya Dhyan Yoga - Introduction to Inner Awakening, is a 2 day program designed to introduce you to a new way a living your life. We have seven energy centres in our body we call these chakras and also there is a tremendous inner potential energy in our body  that is called Kundalini. This two day workshop is mainly to awaken the Kundalini energy and activate those seven chakras by learning what blocks them and how to unblock them.
The workshop is taught by an ordained teacher of the Nithyananda Order.

Where? - to be confirmed

When? - 23rd - 24th November

How much? - £155 including meals

Contact -