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En- Parenting; Enlightened Parenting Workshops.

posted 29 Mar 2014, 08:54 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya


'The space that we hold for our children is very important. The space we hold for them is like a runway for the plane that they are building, to take off !
Unless the runway is clear, our space is clear, the take off cannot happen. The plane will struggle!' - Extract from a parenting workshop shared by Mahant Ma Rishi Advaitananda under the guidance of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Next Free Workshop: ”The Power of Radiating”
  • Guaranteed and holistic solutions to every problem. Practical tools & techniques to raise successful children in a stress- free environment
  • Helping children manifest their ultimate potential
  • Supporting children to retain their infinite possibilities
  • Creating conscious leaders of the future

Topics include:

  • The Art of Fulfillment
  • Communicating with your Child
  • Helping them Radiate Confidence and Manifest their Reality

Parents, care-takers, mentors, teachers, psychologists and anyone who is interested in  raising enlightened children. Gain deeper understanding of your own upbringing, thought patterns that were created in childhood and how these patterns manifest in your life today. Complete with your childhood patterns to be successful in every dimension of your life!

Date - 12th April
Time - 8am - 11am
Locations -  Birmingham, Devon, Dundee, Hertfordshire, London
Contact -  / 07722021296
Cost - FREE

Previous Workshops available as a FREE download. Click here to register your interest.