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Inner Awakening in March

posted 9 Feb 2014, 06:00 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya   [ updated 23 Feb 2014, 09:59 ]
Inner Awakening - 21 day Transformational Retreat in India

Inner Awakening is a unique and life transforming 21-day yoga and meditation retreat specially designed and conducted by a rare living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The program is centered on awakening the ultimate inner potential energy within each of us, the Kundalini energy, and making available the innumerable practical benefits in various dimensions of our life like health, wealth, relationships, education, career, etc.

March Inner Awakening is happening in Haridwar - The pilgrim city of Haridwar is considered one of the seven holiest places in the country. The river Ganges enters the North Indian plains at Haridwar. Haridwar has been sanctified by the presence of three Gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Devout believers feel that they will attain salvation and go to heaven after a dip in the sacred Ganga at Haridwar. Haridwar is also one of the four venues of the Kumbh Mela (occurring after a rotation of every twelve Years) and Ardh Kumbh (after every six years). According to mythology drops of Amrit (Elixir) fell in to the Brahmkund of Har-Ki-Pairi, therefore a dip in the Brahmakund on this particular day is considered very auspicious.
Placed at a height of 249.7 meters above sea level and spread across an area of 2360 sq km, this district witnesses hot summers and cold winters.
Down the ages, this special importance of Haridwar as the ever-refreshing mystic venue for the  purification of the mind, body and soul gained more impetus…

For March only the first level of Inner Awakening can be completed in the UK as a  four day retreat via two way video conferencing.

April Inner Awakening is happening in Bidadi from April 3rd to 23rd.

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