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May Kalpataru Celebrations in London

posted 11 May 2014, 08:31 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya   [ updated 11 May 2014, 08:57 ]

Kalpataru is a beautiful meditation workshop to manifest your desire as reality culminating in Kalpaturu Darshan where you will have  the opportunity to speak with and receive blessings from Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
When He blesses, Swamiji infuses the Shakti (energy) to make what you wish into reality and Buddhi (intelligence) to make the right desires into reality. He creates His space to cause your reality.
Kalpataru Darshan not only causes this one desire to manifest as reality, it also empowers you to infuse more energy into the 'self-realizing' component of you so that you are able to cause whatever you want to cause as reality in your life. Thus enabling you to become your own Kalpataru (wish-fulfilling tree).

View pictures of the last London e kalpataru here.

Date - May 31st
Time- 11:30 am
Location- London

                   The Albany Club,
St Bedes Hall,
                        Little Albany St (Off Albany St)
                        London NW1 4DY

View the venue here.

Contact-   07701078763


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