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Nithyananda Parenting

posted 15 Feb 2014, 10:13 by Ma Nirvikalpini Nithya   [ updated 16 Feb 2014, 07:35 ]

Enlightened Parenting Workshop

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You are invited to an online interactive Nithyananda Parenting™ Workshop, conducted by Nithyananda Gurukul Principal, Mahant Ma Rishi Advaitananda.

How do I raise an Enlightened Child?
  • Practical tools & techniques to raise successful children in a stress- free environment
  • Helping children manifest their ultimate potential
  • Guaranteed and holistic solutions to every problem
  • Supporting children to retain their infinite possibilities
  • Creating conscious leaders of the future

UPCOMING SESSION: March 1st, 7am - 10am

Teenage decompression - power of thinking

handling tantrum

making them to be creative

building their future

Parents, care-takers, mentors, teachers, psychologists and anyone who is interested in  raising enlightened children. Gain deeper understanding of your own upbringing, thought patterns that were created in childhood and how these patterns manifest in your life today. Complete with your childhood patterns to be successful in every dimension of your life!

LOCATIONS: Scotland, Hertfordshire, Birmingham, Devon.

CONTACT : 07722021296 /

COST: First session is free . Further sessions £31/ session. Reduction available for couples.