Completion means living and acting without any hangover of the past incidents, words, actions or memories.

Not having a hangover does not mean that you will not remember your past at all.  When you are in completion, you will remember past incidents and actions, but they will no longer have the power to cause pain or anger or guilt in you anymore.

Anything from the past that hinders you from participating in life as it happens is incompletion.  So completion starts by remembering, reliving and relieving yourself of those incidents from your past which caused suffering in you.

Completion is the only method where you can alter your past.

Why Incompletion?

Incompletion comes out of the assumption that something larger than you exists out there for you, which can complete you.  Your life is nothing but a journey from incompletion to incompletion.  The idea that something outside you can complete you, can add to you, can fulfil you, immediately reduces you to the level of matter.  You forget that you are not matter – you are life!  Only life can infuse life into matter; matter cannot infuse life into life! Only you can infuse value into anything that is outside you.

Incompletion is like a poison in your life.  It is incompletion that drives you to take one birth after another.  Any incomplete action is karma.  Any action performed from a state of incompletion will only lead to more incompletion.  Anything done from a state of completion will lead to completion in others also.  If you feel disturbed by a woman outside, understand: the disturbance is not from the outer woman.  It is always from the inner woman.  It is always from the woman who is inside with whom you are incomplete.

One Technique for Completion is Spontaneous Completion

Completion does not mean blindly accepting everything that happens in your life.  It simply means not resisting life as it happens to us.  The root of all our incompletions is the idea we carry – Life should not be this way.

That is why we spend our whole life asking, ‘Why, why, why? Why is life so bad? Why did this happen to me? Why do bad things happen to good people?’

Spontaneous completion or instant completion means simply dropping the wrong understanding that is creating conflict for you in a particular situation.  It is possible!  Next time you face a crisis or conflict in life, don’t ask, ‘Why is life this way?’

Instead, decide:


Do I want to accept it and move on?

Do I want to reject it and move on?

Or do I change it the way I want?

Whatever decision you make out of this cognition will be right for you.  When you act out of completion, you are empowered to resolve any conflict that happens inside you or outside you.


What Does Completion Do For You?


  • When you relive painful memories again and again during the process of completion, they lose their power over you
  • You regain the ability to live spontaneously and stress-free
  • You start living in Integrity, fully harnessing the Power of Words
  • You become a single, unified Being – your inner space, body, and mind come under your control.


Completion is Your Nature

The Sanskrit word ‘poornatva’ means, ‘the state of completion’.

Completion is the state which leaves nothing left to be desired, either in the inner world or in the outer world.  When in completion, there is no space for fear, greed, anger, doubt, envy or any of the low-energy emotions and conflicts you create for yourself.  Completion is an unclouded inner space.  In such a space, irrespective of what is happening in the outer world, completion alone remains.  The Shanti mantra (peace chant) drawn from the Hindu Upanishads says that the whole cosmos resonates with completion.

‘Om poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate

Poornasya poornamaadaya poornamevaavashishyate’

Everything in the cosmos resonates innately with completion.  It is completion here, it is completion there.  Completion is born out of completion.  If you remove completion from completion, completion alone remains!