Four Powers

“The key to health, success and lasting happiness lies in unlocking the FOUR

INNER POWERS that are continuously available to you.”

Paramahamsa Nithyananda


You actually have the power to simply manifest the reality of your choice!  You have the potential for self-transformation that will enrich every aspect of your life, bringing you everything from health to wealth to meaningful relationships to lasting happiness.  Inside each of you is an enormous potential energy known as Kundalini.

Kundalini is nothing but your own latent inner energy which you have never used, and which you may not even know about!  Kundalini expresses through you in four different streams, known as the Four Inner Powers.  All these inner powers are the different expressions of Kundalini energy in your life.  Though you use these powers every day in your life, you don’t use them consciously, with a clear intention.  If you handle them properly, they can shower you with everything you want.  

Each of the Four Powers is guided by a spiritual principle known as ‘tattva’.  The tattva is the key to unlock the corresponding power in you.

The Power of Words will be available to you when you practice Integrity.

The Power of Thinking will be open to you when you practice Authenticity.

The Power of Feeling will be possible when you practice Responsibility.

You will have access to the Power of Living the moment you decide Enriching others is the life for you.


Meet Your Four Powers

To be able to unlock these great powers inside you, you must  first understand a little more about yourself.  They are related to the four major dimensions of your life your words, your thinking, your emotions, and your living.  When you awaken your peak possibility in each of these dimensions, it becomes a great power and support in your life.


What Happens When You Unlock These Four Inner Powers?

  • When you unlock the Power of Words, you will have the spontaneous intelligence to use the right and most effective words towards yourself and others
  • When you discover the Power of Thoughts, you will be able to focus your thoughts to achieve success in your job, relationships, education, finances and life itself
  • The Power of Feeling teaches you how to launch yourself to the next level of life through empowered responsibility
  • You are truly enjoying the Power of Living when you realise that the greatest rewards come when you live your life for others



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