Journey beyond the Matrix – a collection of Sri Ananda Prema Sakhi’s sharings about his inner and outer travels in India.

Oct. 12th my farewell house party - had a blast!!! Loved it! Thank you everyone for coming and sorry if anything was not right, but hope u all had fun! J Will do another one after I'm back in Jan.2015 ! ! Also will create a blog/FB page dedicated to my trip to share photos and the experiences ! All the best to you all for now !

Hey, Nithyanandam! Sorry, been away for long I'm here in Bidadi now since October 16th volunteering and now doing 3 month Sannyas training. For the first 3 weeks we have been very fortunate to have an amazing yoga teacher Annie Yew who in 3 weeks moved the whole group forward leaps and bounds. Able to do even these twisted/crazy looking hand stands - have to check what they are called. And her diligence to show us every little nuance of the every asana - has made a huge difference! And Surya Namaskar feels different now - amazing, how a small detail in a pose can make such a big difference! Namaskar to her! Annie is gone to Malaysia now, but we stay inspired to continue - and I'm so happy I've nailed the whole 1,5 hour routine in a nice intensive flow with lots of asanas and about 30 min. of Surya Namaskar blending in, in between ! Thank you Annie! So 4:30 yoga in the morning + cold shower + most amazing Satsangs + Sarva Darshan + The Samyama + Darshan in the evening - keeps us buzzing all day every day! What an amazing prelude to 1 YEAR PARIVRAJAKA in January!!! I don't even start to imagine how blessed I am! May you be blessed also! Make yourself available for life - it's here, live it! Let's stay inspired and keep up the discipline!

Being with the Master - 16th November, 2013

Electric atmosphere - supercharged with The Masters boundless energy of vision piercing through everything. Super-condensed with his unshakable clarity, infused with the nectar of pure joy and ecstasy. Space sways like an ocean, trembles like erupting volcano, charges like lightening into the core of my being, ripping away the dead shell, which has bounded me all of my life- liberating and reconnecting with everything around. As if turning the knob of my inner radio receiver – tunes me out of the noise and crackling into the pulsating beat and melody of life flowing inside of me. Ever increasing intensity of the tune turns into a beehive hum…hummm. Aummm… .
This is major Tom to ground control, I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
Here am I sitting in a tin can far above the world
Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do

Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles, I'm feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go… :)))

Prema Sakhi and David Bowie’s (Space oddity) – all rights reserved :))

Sharing my conversation with a friend today! (Declassified)

Hey brother !

Life is amazing here brov ! Living with enlightened Master is like top jet fighter pilot training camp - flying 20 hrs a day - learning new tricks, twists and turns all the time! Opposed to my regular life - which was as if sitting in the cockpit of a jet with all the gear on and trying to take off - pulled by a donkey at 2 km/hr !

Obviously - G-forces are no joke, ups and downs etc., however - they all don't matter - the point is - you are flying and the practice makes perfect ! . I know it may be little difficult for you to digest what I'm talking about, but just bear with me for now .

Yesterday i had an intriguing turn of events - I'm being transferred from Bidadi ashram to Tiruvannamalai temple city  on 22nd to continue my 3 month Sannyas  training there (well, till Dec.18 th. Yatra from Tiruvannamalai back to Bidadi - an about 450km journey on foot). We will have to make it in 10 days - by 27th. - I take it, that I've already passed level 1 - so I'm being moved on - exciting! Also it will give me a head start an prepare me for my 12 month Parivrajaka .

Other than that - life is a celebration here every day - literary - every second day almost - fireworks, processions, walks, music and dancing !! . Besides the fact, that most of the people here do 20 hour days everyday - work hard/ play hard type of scenario - Vedic style: 1,5 hour yoga session before the sunrise, then cold shower and grooming, then every day Satsangs (sitting with the Master) - enjoying mind blowing teachings every, every day ! There has never ever been a dull Satsang ever!!! Then is time for a healthy vegan breakfast - or in my case - only some juice and some tea, because I'm doing the final level of NO FOOD/NO HUNGER PROCESS (THE SAMYAMA) (only 3 days left to finish - 18 days gone without solid food).

More about THE SAMYAMA READ ON : .

After breakfast everybody goes to do their work - whatever they do. I'm translating website materials into Lithuanian and Russian + do other bits and pieces in the welcome centre.

People come and go from around the world attending various programs, everybody is in great spirits and mood, everybody (almost) smiling - I’m smiling too - I'm laughing actually :))) !!! People from most various backgrounds mix here - connecting, sharing, creating building, inspiring and getting inspired!

There is one guy James from Canada - an award winning documentary maker - who will be interviewing Swamiji for his new film. There is all kinds of people: businessman, scientists, researchers - u name it. Everybody is gathering here with an intention to learn to harness and realise the maximum potential of their being and how to live happily and blissfully!  And it is the best place for it !

I know - hardly a topic of a conversation outside of these walls here - but it is changing though - and it will change - it will have to ! Otherwise we will be NO MORE - it's up to us!

So long for now ! Wish you all the best !

Nithyanandam -D Nirahara Samyama - day 27 feeling good - amazing !! Taking only juices, water and a couple of cups of soup here and there per day. Overall - did take some small pieces of fruit few times, couple of times had some prasadam after the pooja - some rice and Indian doughnuts - but that's allowed . Sometimes little difficult when eyes see people eating - but most of the time - have the feeling of indifference towards the food.

Getting ready for the moneyless Parivrajaka - that will be the REAL TEST ! Having such a wonderful gift from Swamiji - such as an ability to produce energy from space and stay without food - makes 12 months moneyless Parivrajaka not so scary at all . I lost about 6 kg of my body weight, but feeling very healthy, light and bright!! .

Body weight stabilised now at about 77kg - was about 83-84kg. Doing yoga every morning full power (1-1,5 hours) no problem - no signs of weakness, quite opposite - body feels light, fit, nimble and flexible.
One important thing becomes quite obvious - one of the biggest patterns come out - is taking things for granted!
Before the program there was the feeling of wonder and ''begging'' mindset or attitude towards Swamiji, crawling on my knees for this gift, ''please please please'' like baby crying for a candy - but now - it just becomes normal - ooook .what's next type of attitude kicks in. Once desire is satisfied mind immediately switches to - what's next!
I guess this post is an attempt to stop and acknowledge what a great gift this is, what a power - what a boon !!! This process is absolutely unbelievable, what a liberation, what a gift!!! It allows one to live without any ties with society - completely independent and unbound life if one chooses so - well, at least in a worm climate like India :)), not to mention positive effects to your health and evolution of consciousness!
Thank you Swamiji eternally for all of your blessings!!! - May we be always mindful and grateful for your endless blessings every day !! And may we always carry the sense of responsibility to pass these blessing to as many people as possible - may we not take things for granted! Thank you Swamiji !
And thank you everyone who is active on this group for promoting Nirahara lifestyle, experiencing and passing it to the world!
Thank you !

29th November, 2013 - My walking trip (Yatra) from Bidadi to Thiruvannamalai starts now ! Expected to reach there in about a week or so. It's 245km That will be interesting - never done anything like that before Wish me good luck ! Nithyanandam !,+Tamil+Nadu,+India&hl=en&sll=12.565287,78.230896&sspn=1.391294,2.639465&geocode=FVtHwwAdidqcBCnLqUiIGEauOzFHa5M44r6Ltw%3BFWNKwgAdEJijBCmjKPeDyHCuOzG-yVonwGsa1w%3BFQSLugAdiJW2BCnN1tMshcCsOzFWyLrlFisAdA&oq=th&t=h&mra=ls&z=9

December 2nd, 2013 - Hey !! hello finally - got my hands on internet and after 3 days really walking and 3 nights sleeping in the bush - first time made a stop-over at the hotel in Hosur (450 rupees/night) to take a first shower and wash some clothes . Because the first day left the ashram at about 4pm - therefore after 3 hours had to look for a safe spot to camp before it was completely dark . So I guess I'm not doing too bad - 64km - in 3 days. Have to step up the passe though - should be easier now because now it's an open straight to Thiruvannamalai !!! Nithyanandoham!
Sorry can not upload any pictures now - because the phone battery is still dead - will do it tomorrow if internet cafe is open early enough or find another on the way ... .
Today had a wonderful encounter Bhaktipura village. As I was passing by, I saw 2 man doing pooja by the tree and a house-like structure - so I decided to join them - they were surprised but forthcoming - later I found out that it was small local temple after they kindly invited me in. One of them was Swami . I spend some time in the nice and cool temple with the 1,5m tall maybe main Deity. I did feel an intense energy and my kundalini was making me move . Later more people came  there and the food (prasadam) was ready also . People were very inquisitive and curious, pleasant and friendly So we had a feast with loads of wonderful food together. There were more and more people coming continuously I invited all of them to Bidadi on Dec.27th big celebrations event , where 50000 people are planed to attend including many VIP-heads of different Hindu Muts and all the padayatrees from all over the place to take an initiation to Sannyas and into Parivrajaka + Jayanti and some other special ocassion which is still not public. Swamiji said it is going to be very very special celebration ! So plan to be there if you possibly can - don't miss it ! Thank you Swamiji for all of your blessings, keeping me safe and The Samyama which is working great! . Om Namaha Shivaya ! Nithyanandoham! And all the best to you all !

2nd December Swamiji posts on Prema Sakhi's facebook............

Sri Nithyananda Swami Don't go alone have some body accompanying you



6th December, 2013 from Thiruvannamalai.

Probably you r wondering how come I got to T so quick :)) - After Hosur I walked 1 day - stayed i one amazing spot overnight in Schoolagiri and the next day only walked maybe 10km and got picked up by the lorry first to Krishnagiri , then walked a few km and got picked up by Swamis devotees -teachers (100 km were left) heading/driving straight to T - so could no say no - so 3-4 days of walking turned into 2 hours ride in a car and talking about Swami

7th December, 2013.

Yesterday I went to climb Arunachala with 4 really cool young sadhus - we went all the way to the top and little over to the other side and down trough the brushes into the caves and get sweet bilva - which I learned is something like coca leave effect - giving energy boost and is otherwise really healthy i was told - was fun fun day ! But the icing on the cake was - when on the way back to the ashram - was already dark - the main sadhu insisted that we turn off the main road and take a path through the bushy Arunachala hillside - and then while walking behind me suddenly disappeared - so I just kept following the other sadhu in front of me till we got to a one of those stone laid ponds and some building near it - i could see a dim candle light through the basement window. Finally the last sadhu said he was going somewhere (pee or something) and left me alone in the night in the forest by the pond. It felt bit spooky and strange - i even started thinking through some devious scenarios, but there was no fear i was just high with the day, maybe sweet bilva and all the buzz of the day - just feeling nice. The young moon light was shining making everything extra magic. Then, maybe ten minutes later they both came back, told me to wash in the pond my feet and face and then led me to that spooky building. The entrance was just a black hole 2 ft by 2.5ft - to fit in just crawling - like shaft into a burrial cript or something - the first sadhu crroled into it and called me after him :)) - I hesitated for a moment, but went after him, but inside was the space opened for standing up but no more than 1ft wide - just to squeeze through sideways going down stares into the almost completely dark basement only with dim candle light falling from side space at the bottom. At the bottom was another small hole to croll through which led to a small deepah lit cubicle where the sadhu was sitting. It had some pictures of saints, deities and an old picture of his guru - so he explained. He also said, that Ramana Maharishi sat in this cubicle. The he started meditating and chanting Om Namah Shivaya - so did I. So we did get in a nice trance and got out o there 10-15 min later . What it was supposed to mean - i don't know - i didn't feel like asking too many questions - they were not speaking English anyway - but it felt good, felt right. Then all 3 of us went back to ashram right for the evening anadaan ! We were just a little late and most of the people were already gone, but Ma in charge had enough food saved for us! . So much for now
Have got lots of pictures , but don't have cable with me now though..
Nithyanandoham ! All the best !

Sannyas padayatra Dec.17 -27, 2013.

Walking from Thiruvannamalai to Bidadi.


26th December, 2013
Sri Ananda Prema Sakhi Hi Ma - I am already in Bidadi :)) from last night - 11 of us who are declaring Sanyas (and doing parivrajaka - me...) got picked up from the last stay-over place in Bangalore and brought to Bidadi last night to start the preparations for the initiations that will take place in couple of hours today. The rest of the group are reaching Bidadi literary now !

3rd January, 2014

Nithyanandam my dear friends!

I have created this website dedicated to PARIVRAJAKA.

My dear Nithyananda friends living in India, please share this website among all of you in India and elsewhere. Thank you for participation!

The aim of this website is not only:

to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, insights and the experience about Parivrajaka,
but also to create an easily accessible support network all around the country to encourage and inspire more people to participate and experience the lifestyle of Parivrajaka themselves!
This website allows devotees and other supportive people of good will to post their contacts and useful information about their local area (like info about nearby ashrams and temples, which may host the Sadhus, provide with food or medical assistance). These post can be listed on this website under respective categories ( expl: in the category - 'Support in Tamil Nadu') sorted by the geographical location (sorting by states only available at the moment, later we can do more). Those who are willing to become a supporter - please find supporter user instructions - under the menu item 'User Guide'. The ''supporter'' will be registered and be on a 'stand-by' in his/her respective local area, ready and willing to assist wandering Sadhus in case there is a need or desire for it. In essence, this is also an attempt to create some kind of safety net to make Parivrajaka experience little more accessible for wider audiences.

In other words, this website is for: helping, getting helped and to inspire many others to explore and experience am extraordinary way of living - The Lifestyle of Parivrajaka !

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Sri Ananda Prema Sakhi's travels can be followed in his new blog :

An extract from his blog:

The purpose of this website.

The aim of this website is not only:

  • to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, insights and the experience,
  • but also to create an easily accessible support system network all around the country to encourage and inspire more people to participate and experience the lifestyle of Parivrajaka themselves! :)