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Swamiji enriches the world through His daily Satsangs, Meditation Courses and Free Books. Below is just a very small selection of what he has been sharing through His words.

Hinduism gives you the right introduction about you to you. No other religion introduces you so perfectly, beautifully to you. Somebody says “You are a sinner”. Somebody says “You are a slave”. Somebody says “You are a follower”. Hinduism beautifully introduces you to you: “You are the source of the Cosmos. You are the favorite inheritor of the Cosmos”.

'When you accept yourself you become a unique flower, a tremendous freedom and confidence will happen you.'

When we realize the oneness, we will express our unconditional love towards everyone without discrimination.'

'When you start seeing and feeling the invisible hand of Existence taking care of you, you will understand that you are wanted here by Existence'

'There is no key to bliss. The door is always open. Your capacity to enjoy lies within you.'

'Your laughter is like a ray of light to your Being.'

'If you listen, your own mind will behave with you like an enlightened being. Your mind will be Guru for you. It will take you away from all sufferings. It will melt down all worries, all sufferings, all conflicts.'


'One of the natural tendencies for you is comparing yourself with others. And, whether you compare yourself with the people whom you think higher than you or whom you think lower than you, you are going to fall into the space of powerlessness. Whether you think there are some people who are higher than you and you compare with them, or lower than you and compare with them, both ways you will fall into powerlessness.  - watch the full Satsang at

'One part of you is occupied by all your incompletions, patterns, with useless struggles, the other part is available as a complete space, free space, free energy for you to handle life spontaneously, continuously. Whenever you handle, you look at the life from that free space, you find more and more solution. When you look at life from that patterned space, you find more and more complication. That is why, whatever may be others’ problem, huge like mountain, you will give a solution just like that, because you are looking at that problem from the free inner space, not from the patterned space.'

'You cannot afford to give up on you. You cannot afford to be powerless. You have to stand up. You have to find the method. You have to transform. That is the only way life is possible! Life is possible...!


'The moment you understand the beauty of purposelessness, all the wounds in your inner space will be healed. You will fall into the comfort of eternal bliss.'


'There is too much beauty around you. There is too much glory around you. Just celebrate it!'

'Any work when done intensely becomes meditation.'

' Spirituality is nothing but the science of living....... '